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Starting a blog has always been on my mind. This platform is going to be used not only as a platform for me to express myself but also an opportunity to hopefully help those out there who may be experiencing the same things in life. It will be a free platform for me to express my thoughts on different topics as I am led to. Looking forward to sharing with some like minded people.

Forever under God’s shadow (original poem)

It’s only the smile they see

It’s only the laughter they hear

They say she has it all together

She lights up the room whenever she is there

When you are with her how can you not be happy

They don’t see what goes on behind close doors

They don’t see the tears that fall

The pain that grows continually

She sits and wonders how life has turned into this

When is her turn going to come

When is everything going to come together for her

She gives her all and yet it seems thrown back in her face

She changes and still no change takes place

She’s tried it all and yet it all goes downhill

Despite this, this painful image is never reflected

God holds her together

He embraces her each day

He says my child, take heart, I’ve got you, I’ve got it all together

Lean on me and though the road of life may be tough I will always be there

People may walk out of your life but I will never leave you

I’ve forever got you, I will always love you

They might despise you but I love everything about you

I don’t care about what you consider flaws, I just care about you

Let me become your first point of call and let’s take this journey one day at a time

The rainbow will soon appear

My child simply trust me.